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So with the recent announcement of the XBOX One and further PS4 news on the horizon, EA have finally confirmed that FIFA 14 will feature on the next gen consoles and that it will utilize the famed new Ignite engine.

This new hardware proposes to bring even more realism to the next instalment of FIFA and other sports simulations on the new consoles. The Ignite engine will benefit FIFA 14 with more realistic player movements. Players will shift their weight as real players do, pivoting and pushing off on standing feet and this will affect the change of direction.

The guys at EA are talking about direction changes during sprint mode being overhauled. At the moment, despite much vaunted 360 degree movement, players can only change direction by 22.5 degrees (1/16th on the joystick) during sprint mode. The new engine and system will give players the opportunity to change their sprint in any direction and this is where the realistic weight and shift momentum comes into play. Again, we’ll wait with baited breath as to whether or not this plays out realistically or if it causes horrible looking movement and rushed, skipping animations – we sincerely hope not after all this hype.

But ultimately the Ignite engine should provide more than just improved player movement, with the engine also able to power greater rendering, animations and real-time physics.

Through years of investment and innovation, we have built technology across EA SPORTS to create a game engine that will deliver stunning accuracy, realism and experiences that we previously could only dream about. With EA SPORTS IGNITE and the power of next generation consoles, our games will come alive—with more authenticity, more emotion, more connectivity, and more fun.” – Andrew Wilson, Executive VP, EA SPORTS.

The Ignite video released by EA showcases the new rendering capabilities, which will lead to more atmospheric stadiums and supporters within them. It’s about time as well, FIFA stadiums have suffered from blandness and cardboard cut-out fans for years. Any movement in the fans during the game will be welcome! Maybe even a stadium editor EA?

It doesn’t stop there; the Ignite engine takes player Artificial intelligence to new levels. With time-specific urgencies kicking in when players are chasing a game. You’ll see players get agitated as they chase that all important equalizer and maybe even start taking bigger risks to score.

Will the Ignite engine be the coming of age for the FIFA franchise?


FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT for short is also seeing a continuation into the new game, but with promised expansion and improvement. FUT is something that it can be fair to say has divided FIFA fans since its inception. The practice of purchasing packs and improving your online squad with coins earned has proved incredibly popular, but has also angered some fans who deem it tantamount to gambling – often with the feeling of having the cards stacked against them.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

How FIFA Ultimate team is being upgraded for FIFA 14 and in particular the next-gen versions, remains to be seen, but we’ll have it at FIFA 14 News when we know.

In other news, EA have extended their Agreement with FIFA until 2022, giving them continued exclusivity on image, naming and licencing rights.

EA have also announced that there are currently no plans to included women’s football in FIFA 14, which will disappoint many, especially the female football fans around the world.

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